what a way to start

CRAB CAKES…two pan seared lump crab cakes with house remoulade. 13.99
BBQ SHRIMP…New Orleans classic dish, large seasoned shrimp sautéed in a savory garlic and lemon butter ale. 12.99
SMOKED FISH DIP…A tasty mixture of smoked mahi & wahoo in a creamy spread served with crackers & Jalapeño relish. 11.99
PEEL N EAT SHRIMP…A pile of Cajun boiled “shrimp in the shell” served with horseradish cocktail sauce. 11.99
WINGS…Crispy wings tossed in your choice of Cajun, Buffalo or Bourbon sauce or Cajun Garlic Parmesan. 10.99
FRIED GREEN TOMATOES…A hearty portion of fresh green tomatoes with a crispy coating served with a buttermilk ranch sauce for dipping. 10.49
GARLIC FRIES…Crispy shoestring fries with garlic butter and Parmesan cheese. 10.49
CRISPY GREEN BEANS…crispy fried green beans in our Cajun breading. 9.99


YBOR CITY GUMBO… Shrimp, chicken, crawfish and Andouille sausage in a rich dark stew with okra, onions, peppers & celery. cup 4.99 bowl 8.99
Soup of the Day…Our server will describe the Chef’s choice soup. cup 4.99 bowl 8.99


CITRUS GLAZED SALMON SALAD… Balsamic Vinaigrette over crisp lettuce tossed with corn, Applewood bacon, tomato, Bleu cheese crumbles, hearts of palm, cucumber, egg and red onion. 16.99
… Bronzed shrimp over crisp lettuce tossed with Spanish olives, Parmesan cheese, vine ripe tomatoes and our signature house salad dressing. 14.99
Smoked ham, Swiss cheese, hard-boiled eggs, Spanish olives, with vine ripe tomatoes.  Served with our signature house dressing. 12.99
GRILLED CAESAR SALAD…Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing and home-made cornbread croutons topped with shaved Parmesan cheese. Choice
Chicken 12.99 / Shrimp 14.99 / Salmon 16.99

Eaton’s Beach Signature Dishes

SHRIMP & GRITS…This signature dish of tender shrimp in an Andouille and white wine cream sauce is topped with crispy Applewood bacon and fresh chives. 17.99
SHRIMP & GARLIC PASTA…Shrimp and garlic sautèed in olive oil, butter, roasted red pepper, paprika and cherry. Server over linguini. 17.99
SHRIMP CREOLE… A savory combination of tomatoes, tender shrimp and a trinity of fresh onion, bell pepper, and celery served over a bed of Balaya rice. 16.99
SPANISH CATFISH…Mild and flakey catfish lightly fried, topped with hardboiled egg and house-made butter & lemon sauce. Served with Balaya rice. 16.99
CAJUN SWEET FRIED CHICKEN…Boneless chicken breasts dipped in our secret batter and fried crispy, with “Cajun Sweet” seasoning. Served with smashed potatoes & cole slaw. 15.99
“3C’S & LITTLE BS” MAC & CHEESE…Cavatappi noodles in a home-made 3 cheese sauce with Andouille sausage, smoked ham,  topped with diced tomato. 14.99

tender steaks & great seafood

*LOW COUNTRY FILET… Our 6 oz. most tender and juicy cut, flame-grilled filet wrapped in bacon and tossed with our homemade pimento cheese. Served with seasonal vegetables and smashed potatoes. 25.99
*RIBEYE…This steak is well-marbled, flame-grilled, tender and savory. Served with seasonal vegetables and smashed potatoes. 23.99
BONE IN PORK…12 oz. bone in center cut pork chop flame-grilled to perfection served with seasonal vegetables and smashed potatoes. 19.99
MAHI MAHI…Simply seasoned and flame-grilled or bronzed Mahi. Served with seasonal vegetables and Balaya rice. 19.99
GLAZED SALMON…Flame-grilled salmon basted with sweet citrus glaze. Served with seasonal vegetables and Balaya rice. 17.99
GROUPER…your choice of flame-grilled or bronzed.
Served with seasonal vegetables and Balaya rice. Market Price

steak burger – great burgers

*USDA Choice ground Black Angus Burger on a Brioche roll with shoestring fries 
*THE LOW COUNTRY BURGER… Home-made pimento cheese melted on a juicy burger with Applewood bacon, lettuce, and tomato. 11.99
*THE WEIR BURGER… Our steak burger with our secret sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle. Smother it with American cheese if you like. 11.99
THE JAZZ BURGER… Bronzed seasoned burger topped with cheddar cheese, Applewood bacon and peanut butter. 11.99

florisiana® favorites

BRONZED RED FISH…Bronzed red fish filet finished with Crawfish in ham cream sauce. Served with Balaya rice. 19.99
…A classic Louisiana French stew with smothered trinity.  Served with rice and seasoned vegetables. 17.99
BAYOU PASTA…Linguini tossed with bronzed chicken, shrimp and crawfish with mushrooms in a Parmesan cream sauce. 17.99
…Two skewers of large fire grilled shrimp with Balaya rice and Low Country Succotash. 17.99
… Battered fried “Creole Sweet” chicken tenders on a Belgium waffle with warm Maple syrup. 15.49
WASHDAY SPECIAL…Grilled Louisiana Andouille sausage or bronzed chicken over Balaya rice and Red beans with ham slow simmered until thick and creamy. 14.99

crispy fried platters

Served with shoestring fries, coleslaw, and cocktail sauce.
FRESH FRIED OYSTERS…Lightly cornmeal dusted oysters fried golden. 17.99
…Lightly cornmeal dusted shrimp fried golden. 17.99

smoke house

HOUSE PASTRAMI DINNER…Brine cured beef brisket rubbed with brown sugar glaze and smoked 12 hours. Hand carved and served with smashed potatoes & seasonal vegetables. 17.99
THE PASTRAMI SANDWICH…Hand sliced and stacked tall on a Brioche bun with spiced house mustard. Served with shoestring fries. 13.99
PULLED PORK DINNER…Hand seasoned and slow smoked pork pulled to order. Served with shoestring fries and cole slaw. 13.99
THE SMOKEHOUSE BURGER…Topped with smoked cheddar cheese, Applewood smoked bacon and our own slow smoked pulled pork, finished with Bourbon BBQ glaze. Served with shoestring fries. 12.99
PULLED PORK SANDWICH…Hand seasoned pork pulled on a Brioche roll with bread & butter pickles. Served with shoestring fries and cole slaw. 11.49


hand held favorites

Served with shoestring fries
THE MAHI SANDWICH…Flame grilled Mahi on a Brioche roll with melted Mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce & cole slaw. 15.99
THE PO’BOYS…Served with lettuce, tomato, remoulade sauce and cole slaw
SHRIMP 12.99 | OYSTER 12.99 | CATFISH 12.99
Your choice on a toasted French roll dressed with.
THE CHICKEN SANDWICH Grilled or fried chicken breast with melted Swiss cheese, Applewood bacon, lettuce & tomato. 11.49
THE MIDNIGHT…Smoked ham, Swiss cheese and sliced pork on a pressed sweet midnight roll with sweet pickles and Dijon mayo. 11.49

Florisiana Boils

SHRIMP… One pound of freshly cooked and seasoned shrimp with potatoes, corn, and Andouile sausage. MARKET PRICE WHEN AVAILABLE
SNOW CRAB LEGS… A pound of freshly cooked snow crab legs with potatoes, corn, and Andouile sausage. MARKET PRICE WHEN AVAILABLE
HALF & HALF… Half a pound of shrimp and half a pound of snow crab legs with potatoes, corn, and Andouile sausage. MARKET PRICE WHEN AVAILABLE

on the side $3.79


salads on the side



BREAD PUDDING…Cinnamon raisin bread soaked in sweet cream then baked. Served with homemade praline sauce with pecans and vanilla ice cream. 8.99
…100% Florida orange juice squeezed into all the layers, filled with fresh orange mousse and covered in butter cream frosting. 8.99
KEY LIME PIE…Enough said! No preservatives, no artificial ingredients. 7.99
PECAN PIE…A true Southern classic. A savory slice of pecan pie topped with praline sauce. 7.99
CHOCOLATE BROWNIE…Gluten Free brownie mixed with HERSEY® Cocoa topped with vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce. 7.99

kids menu $6.89*

Boneless chicken tenders & shoestring fries.
Catfish fingers with shoestring fries.
Grilled chicken breast with fresh vegetables.
Mac n Cheese in a real cheese sauce.
Grilled cheese sandwich with shoestring fries.
Cheese burger.
Popcorn shrimp.
*Sodas & Juice included
Milk, slushies & cotton candy milk 1.49

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.